The free magazine BULLE MINIATURE of France

This magazine in no way intends, to compete with commercial magazines which you can find on this subject.
It is a magazine of beginners, who want to share their passion with other miniaturists...
A publication of three issues per year is planned (October, December and March), the future will show this.

Because the magazine can exist only with the generous participation of the participants.

Here you find the magazines:

Number 1
July 2012
Number 2
October 2012
Number 3
December 2012
Number 4
March 2013
Number 5
October 2013

Number 6
December 2013
Number 7
March 2014
Number 8
October 2014
Number 9
December 2014
Number 10
March 2015

Number 11
June 2015
Number 12
December 2015