MODULE-BOX with FRONT GLASS of Minimundus as MDF-DIY set No. MM-90100

For many hobbyists are the offered houses too large, they require more storage space than is often available.

Also, in some cases, they fear that with a whole house some of the rooms are empty for too long.

Mini Mundus has now created with the MODULE BOX the opportunity to start the hobby with one room. Several rooms can be joined later to the only 50 cm wide house which requires little space. An attic (No. MM-90110) completes the picture.

The box has an ideal dimension: The room width of 50 cm allows the use of all parquet and plank flooring, as well as the depth of 30 cm. The ceiling height of 28 cm allows a good look, it is also high enough for the establishment of a store.

For the connection of a ceiling light, a hole for the cable in the ceiling is available. On the ceiling a cavity of 2 mm is formed so it can be used for the installation of the lamp cord to the rear after assembling. The glass seals the box dustproof. Depending on the arrangement of the molding, the glass plate can be slid to the right or to the left.

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Module Box


Dividing Wall